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Stealing The heart and Soul

“AFRIMO”has the Latin meaning of ‘first’
and has the meaning of ‘a fragrance that can appeal
to the opposite gender
even if it is their first meeting’

Like our distinct slogan of
“a fragrance that will steal your soul and heart,”
AFRIMO is a brand that specializes in various concepts
and visual elements of fragrances, pursuing a clear
and realistic kind of beauty instead of an abstract
and surreal aesthetic.

By adding pheromone,
which is something different from existing perfumes,
it attracts people and ultimately, it becomes a cosmetic brand
that emphasizes one’s charm by improving oneself.

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Following the main age group of customers in their 20s and 30s,
AFRIMO supports the passionate and logical culture,
so we have launched various themed products to satisfy
those who want to express themselves.
who want to express themselves.

In addition, to promote cultural exchange with our clients
and provide a differentiated service,
we are trying to implement a new customer service
and marketing methods that have not existed before by
performing various party and performance services.

AFRIMO X Collaboration

AFRIMO X Celebrity



12Launched AFRIMO ‘Gold’ 11Started selling in ‘LOHB’s’ drugstores nationwide 10Started selling in ‘Pierrot Mall’ which is an all-inclusive lifestyle shop 08Contracted with ‘Kyuri of Nine Muses’ for an AFRIMO branded content 05Awarded with the “2018 Hi Seoul Excellent Product Brand Award” 03Launched ‘New Face Magic Concealer’


12AFRIMO video contents have exceeded 1 million cumulative views on YouTube 11Participated in the “Russian Market Pioneer Export Consultation Event,”
the first for a pheromone perfume brand


08Launched AFRIMO hair products (wax, pomade, hair spray, essence) 07Official sponsor of “Still Hot M/V by Sangchu, member of Mighty Mouth” 07Official sponsor for the M/V of “Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party by Jay Park” 04Official sponsor for “NICE 2 MEET U M/V
by Mighty Mouth”
03Launched AFRIMO ‘Original Hand Cream’


12Started selling in the gift shop at K-LIVE, a hologram
exhibition hall at Dongdaemun
12Launched AFRIMO ‘Original’ 10Launched AFRIMO ‘Midnight’ 08Launched AFRIMO ‘Romantic’ 07Started selling at ARTBOX, a drug store 06Launched new product ‘Hot Stuff’
(Used club DJ DOSA, LIMZI as models)


07Ranked 1st place on on the shopping mall field 05Launched AFRIMO sun screen


12Launched AFRIMO hand cream 07Launched brand

Quality Management System

Strict quality control and
unique product development

- Registered as a cosmetics manufacturing and sales company in April 2015
- Production and sales as an ISO certified company
- Production and sales as a CGMP certified company (excluding some products)
- All products have been examined for MSDS ingredients


With a strict Q&C and stringent OEM company selection criteria, we always strive to provide products with better quality.

Products Line up

Fragrance line

  • AFRIMO Original

  • AFRIMO Hot stuff

  • AFRIMO Romantic

  • AFRIMO Midnight

  • AFRIMO Gold

Body, hair line

  • BODY

    Original Perfume Hand Cream

  • HAIR

    Addict Girl Perfume Hair Essence

  • HAIR

    Ubersexual Mat Perfume Wax

  • HAIR

    Drag & Freeze Hair Spray

Make-up line

  • FACE

    New Face Magic Concealer

  • 9:30am - 18:00pm ㅣ Lunch 12:30pm - 13:30pm
  • ( Weekend, Holiday off)


  • 218-090461-04-079 / IBK

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